MindrMobile Inc.

Mindr Mobile

A simple way to check on isolated people regularly.

Use the Mindr Mobile Personal Monitor App as a COVID-19 isolation monitor.

Set the app to check on you at a regular time interval, such as hourly..  It will automatically send text alerts to emergency contacts, co-workers, or loved ones, if you are unable to respond when the app contacts your cell phone. One month free download. Click on  register to set up an account. (Upper left)


Mindr Mobile LIVE Monitoring & Response Service 24/7/365

“Its good to know you never have to be alone”

  • For Lone Workers, Mobile Seniors, Medical Conditions, Personal Safety.
  • Canada-Wide Service in cellular coverage areas
  • Linked to Armstrong’s National Alarm Monitoring – https://www.armcom.ca/
  • U.S. Patented Software – service available via Personal Monitor App

Order via email: info@mindrmobile.com or kim@armcom.ca
Security Service dealers welcome to enquire